Good Internal Communications Begets Good External Reputation

It was Edward L. Bernays who famously said “make news not news releases” and that is what Kaiser Permanente (Case 3-4) has done with its internal communications program.

KP’s CEO, as the case tells, has been sending notes to his 200,000 employees for five years now.  And, as Rex Huppke, a columnist in the Chicago Tribune writes, “these are not filled with grandiose prose.  They are lengthy, fact-based compositions that highlight (celebrate) things that people in the company have been doing right”

Excellent internal communications, important for its own purposes, turns out to be excellent reputation building .  Definitely a win-win.   Check it out at:…/ct-biz-0204-work-advice-huppke-20130204_ 1_george-halvorson-employees-ulcers

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