A New Good “Bad” Problem?

Ripped from the headlines may be a new “problem” for the next case book!  Burger King franchisee, after years of tacitly letting little old ladies (80 years old on average) park for the day once a month in the lot while they carpooled to Boston for the symphony and museum afternoon, decided to post “customer only parking” signs (for scofflaw teenagers). Consequently, the ladies (8 of them) got towed on their next parking incursion ($100 a piece — was $187 but tow operator cut them a deal).

Calls from media to store got response —  “don’t know who owns business” . Calls to Burger King’s corporate offices — no response.   Ladies, when interviewed, remarked:  “We saw the new signs but have been doing this for years, besides parking lot is always empty!”   Local owner (he/she does exist) calls you in for HELP!  What do you do?

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