Was A “Faulty Culture” the 2014 Excuse of the Year?

It seems that organization after organization ascribed their screw-ups, near misses and possibly criminal activities to “cultures” that have gone askew.  Is it enough to blame a bad culture?  Who is responsibly for an organization’s culture anyway?  Senior management?  Human Resources?  Line managers? Who monitors culture and points it out when things are not going well or according to company values?

Employee engagement surveys are being conducted right and left and often times point to real culture issues, but what is being done as a  result?  Some public relations professionals feel that it is only their responsibility to convey the information that is shared with them down through the organization.  I suggest that if the public relations practitioners take their role seriously and have the organization’s best interest first and foremost, they will take the lead on dealing with culture problems, starting with opening lines of communication not only top down but bottom up and laterally.  And then, if culture doesn’t start to move, finding experts to bring in to help make it happen.

We are amassing culture cases to upload here on the PR Practices site.  Let us know if there are any cases you would like to see on the subject.  — Stacey

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