Carnival Cruise Lines sinks twice

We talk in the book about different kinds of crises and how to handle them (Chapter 9).  When a crisis is caused by organization mechanical problems that are unforeseeable then the organization can react in a particular way.  But the cause of the problem needs to be carefully examined.  Was it truly mechanical in Carnival’s case or is there human error or management action (or inaction) at fault?  When the same problem happens twice it suggests that both human error and management inaction is afoot.  What counsel would you be giving Carnival now?

One thought on “Carnival Cruise Lines sinks twice

  1. We often ask if management has the ability to deal directly with affected stakeholders during a crisis and not blow things up out of proportion, will they be ok? In this case, having just come off a Carnival cruise, it appears that things are booming — regardless of recent gaffes. It may just be our responsibility to keep management from overblowing issues, go directly to stakeholders and things will get better!

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