Boy Scouts on the move — good or bad pr?

Seems that the Boy Scouts  (Chapter 8, Case 4) may be feeling enough “pain” to stimulate a change in their policy on gay leaders and members.  This may be a result of constant pressure from outside groups, the loss of involvement from former  supporters.  Seems their tactics may be successful in motivating change.

However, decisions like these need to be delicately handled since it has the possibility of alienating ongoing supporters but not doing enough to draw in the opposition. 

Do you think that the leaking of reports that they were considering allowing groups to decide for themselves  was calculated to test the waters?  Could a similar strategy may have been in play when VP Biden mentioned the gay marriage decision prior to President Obama’s announcement?  Does it tend to deflate reaction in the long run or build it?  And is the strategy of letting individual groups decide how they want to handle gay leaders going to solve problems or expand them?

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