Exxon Mobil fights in court over MTBE

The pollution groundwater has experienced from MTBE has been proven hefty, yet Exxon-Mobil continues to fight in the courts over compensating States.  The final ruling against them in NH is being appealed (just announced) is being appealed. What does this do, if anything, to their reputation?  Is it too complicated and drawn out to impact it at all?

Will the case on Guns (8-3) need updating?

Congress is potentially making changes to gun laws this month due to serious increased pressure following the triggering events of Aurora and Sandy Hook.  Those parents have taken the lead and are keeping intense pressure on our legislators.  And yet, it looks like only partial change will happen.  What else do you think needs to happen for further changes to be made?

PRSA Learn To Teach

PRSA’s College of Fellows has teamed up with the PRSA Educators to seek out practitioners who might be interested in teaching part or full-time.  I wonder what students think the best “professors” bring to the table to make their learning experience most effective and enjoyable?  Does practical experience in the field make a difference to you?